Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What is ShabuStation?

Welcome to ShabuStation. Like many of us, I've been lurking in and around blogs for several years now. Truth be told I have exploited the power of blogs for commercial purposes beginning in 2002 when I published a weekly blog for a software company I used to run. But to date, I have avoided creating a personal blog. That is until today.

Given my 20+ year background in and around the distribution of digital content, my small (but growing) group of industry colleagues in technology, media and content seem to be in ever-more animated dialogue about the exciting possibilities taking place in our industry. I couldn't agree more and have initiated this blog in the hopes to capture some of the more salient points which emerge from these discussions at ShabuStation.

What is ShabuStation: On my first visit to Japan in 1998, I had the privilege of enjoying dinner at the home of a colleague where I was introduced to "Shabu-Shabu." To enjoy this method of dining, you take thinly sliced pieces of raw meat, fish or vegetables grasped between chop sticks and quickly dip the selected item into a hot broth. This action has the effect of cooking the meat or fish before you eat. In Japanese, this type of cooking is called "Shabu-Shabu" or "swish-swish" and hence while I won't pretend to do deep-dive analysis of the digital media industry (there are others who do a much finer job than I), I will hopefully attempt to provide quick dips or tastings as I come across them. These tastings will be provided for you to enjoy, dismiss or deride. Of course, the intended purpose of blogs is to encourage two-way dialogue so that all participants may expand our horizions on any given subject. Thank you in advance for your help in achieveing this objective.

Eat in peace.

Best, Mark

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