Tuesday, February 03, 2009

User Generated Video Scores Big Win @ Super Bowl

Turning the ad model on it's head, user generated video scored a big victory during Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast. Of 51 spots aired, Doritos scored the most viewers with the "Crystal Ball" entry created and submitted by Dorito fans Dave & Joe Herbert:

The winners in UGC:

Brand Managers: Certainly the brave folks at Doritos who trusted that fans of their brand were able to communicate both passion and good humor. Moreover, the buzz generated by this "win" will undoubtedly fuel the creative fires of UGC wannabe's eager to snag bragging rights-- and a $1MM reward-- to the next big promo they can attach their name to. Stay tuned to Zooppa and the work they are doing to connect a community of UGV content providers and advertisers.

Media Buyers: While Doritos identified a talented and creative pair of personalities they can put to work to promote the brand in future promotions, Media Buyers will see the upside as buzz metrics will drive demand for more placement of future creative-- online and offline.

Sticking to a strategy: Doritos is no stranger to success of UGV to promote it's brand. Last spring, Doritos tapped Goodby Silverstein to manage a UGV campaign leveraging the popularity of  MTV's "Next" series. Goodby certainly earned their stripes by driving the strategy behind the latest Super Bowl UGV campaign.

Given the broad appeal and multiple constituents who can lay claim to victory for UGV, the Dorito campaign should prove to be the tipping point for much broader adoption of UGV.

Want to know what UGV thought leaders are saying? Be sure to track the upcoming User Generated Content Expo February 9th & 10th in San Jose.