Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hey Kid - 5 CDs or 800,000 Tracks-- Which One Do you Want?

As an avid listener (and collector) of digital music, I've always believed in owning the tracks I listen to and haven't seriously considered buying into any of the music subscription services-- until today. Yahoo! Announced their Yahoo! Music Unlimited service at the remarkable price of $4.99 month giving access to over 800,000 tracks from the major labels.

When I pause to think about how I can best leverage my investment of gear (computer, home WiFi network, broadband connection and integration with my existing home stereo), I start to salivate at the possibility of pumping 800,000 tracks through my system. Moreover, when I consider my additional (and ongoing) investment of time (purchasing CDs, downloading, ripping tracks), $5 a months sounds like a no brainer.

Has the promise of music subscription finally been realized? This one will he interesting to watch.

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